If you are a teacher, student, a school or district in California, USA and your school or district has adopted the California Student Data Privacy Agreement (CSDPA), a copy of which was executed by the Company on June 22, 2018 with the State of California, then the terms of the CSDPA shall apply and be read in conjunction with, and in the event of any inconsistency, shall take precedence over the provisions of this Privacy Statement.  Similarly, the terms of any other Data Privacy Agreement entered into by a US State or school district with the Company shall apply and be read in conjunction with, and in the event of any inconsistency, shall take precedence over the provisions of this Privacy Statement. 

Mindsets Learning provides an online application and library of Challenges dedicated to helping students with creative, real-world learning in mathematics, science and STEM.  Mindsets Learning is intended for use by teachers and educational organisations, public or private.  We provide our services to teachers and in the USA, to individuals aged 13 years or older.  

Mindsets Learning takes the protection of a user's information very seriously. Our officers, directors, employees, agents and contractors must have a legitimate business reason to access a user's personal information and are required to treat any personal information of Mindsets Learning's users as confidential information. In addition, Mindsets Learning uses certain technical, operational and physical safeguards designed to preserve the integrity and security of a user's personal information and other information we maintain in connection with the Website.

To protect our user's privacy and security, Mindsets Learning takes reasonable steps to verify an individual's identity before granting them access or making corrections to their personal information. Teachers who create classes in Mindsets Learning will receive a class code to which the teacher shares with his or her students in order to provide students with the access to collaborate on a Challenge hosted on the Website.  Teachers are encouraged to request students login through their school issued Google or Microsoft email accounts, using the single sign on service we offer.   Teachers may also direct students to create unique accounts in Mindsets Learning or use the guest login function.  Teachers also have access to students' progress and content through the website and may from time to time access reports. This information is provided to teachers for legitimate classroom and educational teaching purposes and for no other purpose.

When you visit or use our Website, we may collect information including personal information about you and other people that you link to, send messages to or communicate with. We may also collect information about your computers. We ask that any information that identifies you is correct, accurate and up to date and you agree that we can use this information to contact you.

The information we collect will be used to help us monitor who is accessing the Website and better understand our users so we can continually improve our educational products and services.

If your school is a registered user of the Website, we may also provide your school with reports of your school and of your use if you are participating through your school’s service.  We do not intentionally collect personal information of students under 13 years of age, however, in the event that a minor does create an account without prior parental or teacher consent, Mindsets Learning will take appropriate steps to delete this information.  

There may be instances where we may share certain types of information about our users with other people, however in all instances this information is for the purposes of providing and improving the educational service we provide to teachers and schools. For example, we may share information with our hosting service providers in order to provide our educational users and customers a reliable service. We may also be required to share specific information with government officials to help with regulatory matters, compliance or security.  

We also comply with specific US privacy laws including the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA) in California, USA. We also intend to comply with similar state laws as they are enacted in other jurisdictions and we actively consult with privacy leaders to review the status of these laws and our operational and legal compliance with them. If you are a school or district leader and require a letter of compliance in order to purchase a Mindsets Learning's membership, please email with your request. 

For any specific inquiry on these Terms or the Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer who is also our CEO at You may also write to us at (if you elect to write to us, please also forward a copy at the same time by email to

Mindsets Learning:
Floor 2, 281 Summer Street, Boston, MA, 02210, USA or
Level 3, 41-43 Stewart Street, Melbourne, 3121, Australia





Mindsets Learning is an online application developed and owned by Mindsets Learning, located at Level 3, 41-43 Stewart Street Melbourne Victoria 3121 Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mindsets Learning, Inc, of 281 Summer Street, Floor 2, Boston MA 02210 USA.

Mindsets Learning undertakes research and development for the online application and library of Challenges dedicated to helping students with creative, real-world learning in mathematics, science, STEM, entrepreneurship and related disciplines.  

Throughout these Terms we will refer to the user who is a student as a “Student”; to the relevant teacher, parent, coach, legal guardian or responsible adult of that student as the “Responsible Adult"; to the technology, the application and the website, including the Challenges and their content as the "Website"; to the lesson,  or other activity which the Website is used for, as the "Challenges", the Mindsets Learning Platform as the "Service" and the content created by the Student as "Content".

Mindsets Learning is owned by, and is a name and trademark with all rights to use and licence retained exclusively by Mindsets Learning.  All intellectual property rights, including copyright in Challenges, the format and design of the Challenges is the property of Mindsets Learning.  Any content created by a Student or Responsible Adult belongs to that person or the school or district associated with the Student. Mindsets Learning does not control the Content created by a Student or Responsible Adult hosted on the Service, nor does it guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content.  

The Website enables a Responsible Adult of a Student to view, live track, participate in and review a Student’s Progress and Content of the Challenge which the Student participates. The Responsible Adult may view one or more, or all of the Content accessed or created by the Student.

A Challenge may be activated by the Responsible Adult by creating a Class code and sharing the code with students.  Students may also be automatically assigned a Challenge by a Responsible Adult if the school participates in services which enables Mindsets Learning technology to safely connect with the school's class rostering system.  If a Challenge is assigned to a student by class code or by rostering integration, it is the responsibility and accountability of that Student’s Responsible Adult to be aware of and consent to the Student’s participation in the Challenge (whether or not the Responsible Adult participates), including viewing information related to the Challenge and the Student's Content as recorded in the application. Mindsets Learning does not accept any responsibility or liability for notifying any party in relation to Student's Content or for any acts or omissions of the Student, the Responsible Adult or any other User in relation to the application or the Website.

In all instances, the Responsible Adult is accountable and liable for the acts and omissions of the Student and to ensure the Student is using the Challenge for classroom learning and related purposes. Mindsets Learning does not under any circumstances accept any responsibility for and is in no way liable for any act or omission of a Student, Responsible Adult, other user of a Challenge,  the application or the Website.

The Website may only be used for educational purposes. It must not be sold, distributed or used in any way contrary to these Terms nor may it be used for any illegal, unlawful, immoral or unethical purpose.   Under no circumstances can the content of a Challenge, including the online and downloadable components be copied or shared other than in the normal course of use of the Challenges and the Website, including to circumvent a paid membership to the Service.  Under no circumstances can the Challenges, the Website or the Service or any aspect of the technology or its code base be reverse engineered.

You acknowledge that from time to time we may change, remove or edit any part of the Website, including any data or information recorded on the Website. We may also suspend or delete any user information or any user account at any time if we are of the reasonable belief that the user is or is likely to be in breach of these Terms.

We do not warrant or represent the accuracy or completeness of the Website, any information contained on it or in relation to a Project or that it is suitable for your circumstances. Any condition or warranty which would otherwise be implied in these Terms is hereby excluded.

We will take all reasonable efforts in relation to security and confidentiality of the Website, a student's Content and of any profile or data stored on the Website. Despite this, we cannot guarantee that no unauthorized access to your account, profile or to Student's Content will occur or that use of the Website will be secure, error free, uninterrupted or fault free (including virus free). We accept no liability for any loss or damage incurred by you or any other person in relation to these matters.  

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Mindsets Learning accepts no liability for any loss, damage, including loss or profits or indirect, consequential or any other type of loss or damage (including through our negligence) suffered or incurred by you in relation the Website, a Challenge or any Content.

You agree to indemnify us, our employees and agents against any loss or damage suffered or incurred as a result of a breach of an obligation or warranty, wilful misconduct or any negligent act or omission by you, a Student for whom you are responsible for or any other person connected with you.

Please consider our Privacy Policy which forms part of these Terms and applies to you as a Student, Responsible Adult or user of the Website. You are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and correct and proper use of any login registration and password details required to access the Website.

We may amend these terms and conditions at any time and any amendments shall be effective once they are made available on the Website.