Introduce real-world problem solving through a fun STEAM Day activity!

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Using Mindsets Challenges, you have everything you need to introduce & deeply engage your students in real-world problem solving using their math skills. Whether you have 1 hour, 1/2 day or a full day, Mindsets is ready to go, making it super easy for you!




Pick a Theme

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Pick Mindsets Challenges based on themes you would like to teach on STEAM Day. Find variety of themes such as art, sports, space, social media, programming, math exploration, entertainment, food, environment and business in the Mindsets Library.





Schedule Your STEAM Day


I have 1 Hour

Ideal for 1 Mindsets Challenge

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I have 1/2 Day*

Ideal for 2 Mindsets Challenge

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up to 100 students:


100 - 500 students:


over 500 students: 


I have a Full Day*

Ideal for 2 Challenges + Project Based Extension  

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up to 100 students:


100 - 500 students:


over 500 students 


*The Mindsets 1/2 Day and Mindsets Full Day packages include 3 month membership to the Mindsets Library for your entire school


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To bring STEAM Day to your school, download this STEAM Day flyer to get started.



Tips for a Successful STEAM Day

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  • Share the Challenge flyers with your students to help them choose their preferred STEAM real-world problem

  • Download the teachers guide to help you facilitate the class

  • Organize students into teams & when you're ready, share the Class Code with the students 

  • Encourage productive discussion & debate! 

  • Pause the class at key points to check in for understanding.

  • Select students to present their findings!

  • Access all student work in real time and afterwards for your review



Teaching through real-world examples.
Now made easy.

Mindsets Challenges involve a holistic approach to real-world situations. Through it, you & your students can touch upon:

  • World of work

  • Career Ready Skills

  • Financial Literacy/ Competency

  • Entrepreneurial Skills

...and more.


Bring real-world context into your classroom. 
Amp up your lessons & nurture Mindsets.