Introduce real-world problem solving through a fun STEAM Day activity!

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

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Using Mindsets Challenges, you have everything you need to deeply engage your students in real-world problem solving using their math skills.

Whether you have 1 hour, 1/2 day or a full day, Mindsets offers ready-to-go lessons that are super easy for you! Perfect for middle school students!




Pick a Theme

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Pick Mindsets Challenges based on themes you would like to feature on STEAM Day. Browse from a variety of themes including art, sports, space, social media, programming, math exploration, entertainment, food, environment and business/ entrepreneurship in the Mindsets Library.




Schedule Your STEAM Day


I Have 1 Hour

Ideal for 1 Mindsets Challenge

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I Have 1/2 Day

Ideal for 2 Mindsets Challenges

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I Have a Full Day

Ideal for 2 Challenges + 1 Project-Based Extension  

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Bring real-world context into your classroom. 

*The Mindsets STEAM 1/2 Day and Full Day packages include 3 months of membership to the Mindsets Library for your entire school.


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To bring STEAM Day to your school, download this STEAM Day flyer to get started.



Tips for a Successful STEAM Day

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  • Share the Mindsets Challenges with your students. Create a short list or ask students to vote on their preferred real-world STEAM problem!

  • Download the Mindsets teachers guide to help you facilitate the class.

  • Organize students into teams & when you're ready, share the Class Code for each Challenge with students. 

  • Encourage productive discussion & debate! 

  • Pause the class at key points to check for understanding.

  • Encourage students to pitch their findings!

  • Track all student activity & responses live. Provide feedback & review. Use the Challenge rubrics for assessing student work.


Bring real-world context into your classroom. 
Amp up your lessons & nurture Mindsets.