Go beyond teaching content. Nurture curiosity.

Mindsets is a powerful learning tool & library of inquiry based lessons & projects for math & STEAM your students will love.

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Introduce real-world problem solving to your students with a fun STEAM Day!

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Mindsets is a Math & STEAM platform for the classroom that personalizes learning through real-world, authentic problem solving & inquiry.


 Live & interactive. Real time student responses make teaching, class facilitation and differentiation easier.


How it works


Pick a ready-to-use real-world Challenge

We've done the hard work for you to create an entire library of lessons that are:

  • Authentic, real-world applications of math & science

  • Standards aligned (CCSS & NGSS)

  • Cover a full year's teaching curriculum

  • Designed for a 45-60 minute class

  • Extendable into larger projects


Students interact & collaborate to solve Challenges

  • Join using a simple class code

  • Self-paced, or can be paced by the teacher

  • Fully interactive for student engagement & collaboration

  • Includes interactive & collaborative tools like class polls and graphs


Track student work & progress– live & actionable

  • Teacher Dashboard allows live tracking & pacing of your class

  • Follow student work & check for understanding

  • Bonus: Easy rostering for schools, using Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS)




Click on any of the Challenges to find out more!

Lessons that excite. Learning that matters.

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Collaborate, predict, analyze data, create ideas & pitch concepts.

Through Mindsets Challenges, students practice essential math & science skills in a real world-context, demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit & prepare for future success. 


Teaching through real-world examples.
Now made easy.

Mindsets Challenges involve a holistic approach to real-world situations. Through it, you & your students can touch upon:

  • World of work

  • Career Ready Skills

  • Financial Literacy/ Competency

  • Entrepreneurial Skills

...and more.


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Ready To Go

Save hours of research & lesson planning;
Easy setup– one click to conduct with students


Relevant & Engaging

Challenges cover a full year's teaching curriculum;
Involve real world situations & student interests



Collaboration– emphasis on student voice & choice; 
Involve interactivity, creativity & higher order thinking


Live & Transparent

Live track & pace your class;
See student responses & activity in real time



Bring real-world context into your classroom. 
Amp up your lessons & nurture Mindsets.