Where To Work?

You’ve been offered a job by two different tech companies, Google and Amazon. Which one will you choose?

Use salary and company information to make the best decision!  Use proportional reasoning and interpret linear graphs to determine the best offer.

Grade 8  |  Expressions & Equations, Statistics & Probability | Time: 50 minutes
Common Core State Standards: 8.SP.A.3, 8.EE.C.8.A & 8.EE.B.5  For other curriculum click here  
Careers: Information Technology

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Pick a career!

Which career will be the most popular in your class? Poll to select.

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Analyze the Job Offers.

You've been offered two jobs! Analyse the job offers and compare to the average earning increases for each of your Google & Amazon friends.

Justify your estimates using data & graphs.
Discuss, make a decision and share with your family & friends.

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Which company has the best offer after 4 years?

Analyse what happens after 4 years on the job at each company.

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Cost of Living Adjustment. 

What happens to your data when you adjust for Cost of Living: Mountain View (Google) vs Seattle (Amazon) ?


Apply math concepts in real-world scenarios. 
Build critical thinking and reasoning skills. 
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