Space Mission

You are an aeronautical engineer working with NASA to launch living pods into space for the next stage of space exploration.    

Use your understanding of volume and ratio to design a capsule to bring expandable living quarter modules to the International Space Station.

Grade 8  |  Geometry |  Time: 55 minutes
Common Core State Standards: 8.G.9 For other curriculum click here
Careers: Engineering & Design



Let's go to outer space!

Understand what makes up a spacecraft and learn about the expandable modules - the living spaces or homes - (called BEAMs) that they carry.


Are we ready to launch the BEAMS?

Determine the volume of trunk space and extensions in the spacecraft for carrying cargo. How many BEAMs will fit?

illustrations for challenges - squarespace_space3.png


Design your own Space Hotel!

Include dimensions and capacity based on NASA's recommended volume of living space for each person in space. 


Apply math concepts in real-world scenarios. 
Build critical thinking and reasoning skills. 
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