SpaceX Dragon

You are an aeronautical engineer hired by SpaceX to help them design the next version of their Dragon spacecraft.    

Use your understanding of volume and ratio to design a capsule to bring expandable living quarter modules to the International Space Station.

Grade 8  |  Geometry |  Time: 55 minutes
Common Core State Standards: 8.G.9
Careers: Engineering & Design



Let's go to outer space!

Understand how SpaceX rockets work and about the expandable modules - the living spaces or homes - (called BEAMs) that they carry.


Are we ready to launch the BEAMS?

Determine the volume of trunk space  - and extensions - in SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft for carrying cargo. How many BEAMs will fit?

illustrations for challenges - squarespace_space3.png


Design your own Space Hotel!

Include dimensions and capacity based on NASA's recommended volume of living space for each person in space. 


Apply math concepts in real-world scenarios. Build critical thinking and reasoning skills. 
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