Become a Real Estate Expert

You’re a real estate agent on the popular show, House Hunters!  

You buy and sell the most luxurious homes and buildings in the world. You earn money from selling the most popular homes in the world.  Use percents, ratios and proportions to calculate how much you’ve earned!

Grade 7  |  Ratios & Proportional Relationships  |  Time: 50 minutes
Common Core State Standards: 7.RP.A.3 For other curriculum click here
Careers: Marketing, Sales & Service

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Sell your first property

It is the Plaza Hotel in NYC! What amount would you earn from an agreed percentage of commission?


On to the next...

Poll with your class to choose your second property.

- You drop the price of the property to sell it faster! What effect does this have on your commission?
- Tax time! How much tax do you need to pay on your earnings?

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Pick the best deal

With your next property, the seller has offered a fixed amount commission. Which should you choose– the seller’s offer or your usual 3.5% fee?

ACTIVITY: Find a real property for sale on Trulia.com. Create a poster for the seller showing your property, sale price, taxes and your proposed % commission

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You expand internationally, but wait...

...which country should you focus on, based on local commission rates and taxes?


Apply math concepts in real-world scenarios. 
Build critical thinking and reasoning skills. 
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