Bouncy Balls

As a junior scientist, create the bounciest ball as a prototype for the New York Toy Faire.

You'll use your skills with experiments and your knowledge of polymers, conservation of mass, and your skill with experiments to create the bounciest ball ever seen!

Middle School  |  Science  |  Time: 2 class periods, 55 minutes each
Next Generation Science Standards: MS-ETS1-1, MS-ETS1-2, MS-PS1-2 For other curriculum click here
Careers: Engineering & Design

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Experiment to create a bouncy ball

Mix materials to create a prototype of your bouncy ball, while working with specific design constraints.

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Test it out!

How high will your ball bounce?
Test you bounce height and evaluate the results! 

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Gain product approval

You're hoping your bouncy ball will be featured by one of the world's largest toy companies, Hasbro. To gain approval, present your proposal and explain your observations.


Apply science concepts in real-world scenarios. 
Build critical thinking and reasoning skills. 
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