After the class



Can I download a report of student responses?

Currently, you can see student responses in the Facilitation View. Download of student responses is on our roadmap to be added. Note that some Challenges have students create something outside of the Mindsets system, such as a graph on paper or a PowerPoint presentation. In these cases, have students turn in their outside work to you however you prefer.

How do I use the suggested project extensions?

When planning your lesson, narrow down which of the project extension ideas may fit your students’ interests. Once students are complete with the Challenge, then direct the students to work on either one of the project extensions you selected or a project extension idea of their own choosing.

Do you recommend students using Mindsets Learning for homework?

Mindsets Challenges are designed to be completed in pairs or small groups and with an active facilitator. However, you can assign Mindsets Challenges for homework by asking students to log in to Mindsets. Using logins is recommended so that students can save their work. If you are considering piloting Mindsets Challenges for homework, please let us know at


Other questions

Do you have any case studies or videos of a class in action?

We are working on these. Stay tuned! Also, stay tuned on our blog. We often post stories of amazing teachers and their students using the Mindsets Challenges.

Are the Mindsets Library and Challenges available 24/7?

Absolutely! The Mindsets Library and all your classes is available to you 24/7. Similarly, any Mindsets Challenge assigned to your students is available 24/7. If we need downtime for maintenance, expect communication in advance. In the event of unexpected downtime, we will post updates as we work to get back online.